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So today I was odd man out. Since the bike was 'iffy' due to my finding a chunk of metal in the oil, I decided to take the guzzler. The thing is such a pig I was really trying to take er easy, maybe even a little under the speed limit... First sign of Trouble was Toast and Nowwhat stalking me taking pictures of my rear end.

Then I met the FF's at Mike's ROadhouse, but for some reason got no pictures.

After they ate (McD's for me in Redondo) we hit the road, as you can see these guys don't really pay no attention to silly rules.

Yeah, the FF's didn't get the memo about me not wanting to singlehandedly be responsible for Exxon's record profits... AGAIN

I knew right away this was gonna be "one of those" rides.
My bike lift decided to leave the bed, all by itself, Like it was possessed by a Harley's Ghost Rider. SO after I sorted that, I couldn't find my kneepads. I spent a long time but it was nowhere to be found. After all that I was feeling rushed, and pissed so I decided to put on one knee pad and fuggedaboudit.

A certain normally shirtless DRZ rider, who shall remain nameless, convinced me to lose the tank bag that had my tools in it. "we got 6 guys with tools, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?"

Finally I got all loaded up and found that the pad had velcro-ed itself to my camelback. And we all took off up the hill.

I became acutely aware that I might get into trouble with this group of no-goodnicks.

Man, that is a SWEET-ASSed bike!!!

My bike was acting up a little bit. It was hard to start, and it died on me a couple times, which it's never really done before. So my paranoia was growing. It was suggested I'd put to much oil on the filter and no big deal, so I pressed on.

I stopped here because this was a VERY steep hill, not that you can tell. I wish I woulda got a shot at that little jump at the bottom

I'm still struggling trying to catch action...

All it takes is a couple troublemakers to ruin the whole bunch! Notice it's the same two bad apples

But now there's more of them...

Then just a few miles in, coming down a small hill, Vernon threw a chain.
I volunteered to be the film director while the "actors" got to work Vern took it too far and started moving rocks... big rocks

It is a DRZ after all so it takes a bit of work

Meanwhile Riddler990 got to work on the chain.

Vern torqued his chain pretty good, and we needed to take out a couple links. But between all of us we had ONE master link. Of Course, I, carry a master link, and extra links in my handy tool kit on the bike

Toast and I decided to take the short trip to the trucks, to get the tools I'd left there

About a mile before the trucks, my bike started acting really badly, sounded like a plane about to crash. It'd run a bit, then bog down, then run. I almost lost it a couple times when it'd try to wheelie or kick out on me. But it didn't sound mechanical so I pressed on.

When we got to the truck I tried removing the filter but the bike would just run a bit and then if I moved it die. I decided to call it a day, and sent toast on his way back.

Since I had a day free I decided to have a look at the bike, and I found the problem almost instantly.

OK< I have a FU Husky rant here.

EVERY electrical connector on the bike has a secondary latch, some of them are nearly impossible to get loose, except the connector for the bikes kill switch to the main harness. Seriously WTF? It's "critical" that the flasher relay be secure but the main kill switch, meh what's the worst that could happen if that vibrates loose?

Anyways, I took the truck up jawbone cyn and went to wheldon ? ANd then I went along the KErn river (which is AMAZING right now) and I ended up in Bakersfield. Shooting my don't buy a lot of gas plan all to hell

More pics and some geotags are at
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