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As I came down to sea level the clouds were now only in my rear view mirrors. Nothin but blue skies and warmer temps. Ahhh Baja....
Riding in to San felipe I met up with two guys on KLR's. They were here from Germany to explore Baja and had no plans-no schedule.....sounds familiar. We got a coupla rooms at a cheap hotel and cleaned up before heading out for beers and grub, and of course, to exchange stories. Both of these guys were experienced riders and had travelled lots. I showed them my map and told them my points of interest. They just looked at each other and said 'Yah, dats gud, we go too'' So we would rode together to Gonzaga the next day.
Thomas and Dietmar...
riding down the gravel road on our way to Gonzaga, I kinda thought to myself, 'I was expecting a much rougher ride'. Hmmmm....
Did I mention that I found the charger for my camera? And I would have taken more pics on the road to Gonzaga....but my hands were shaking too much. The road definitely got rougher and tougher. I eventually tried the sand along the side and after, ummmm, some getting used to...I was able to buzz along quite comfortably. Well at least I thought so....
We made it to Gonzaga and were treated with some cold beers and fish tacos. Mmmmm fish tacos.
And woke to this
Neither of the Germans had heard of ADVrider and knew nothing of Coco's corner. I showed them where it was on my map and told them that's where I was heading. I didn't want to slow these guys down and wanted to give them the opportunity to bolt and go on there own. I was enjoying their company but wanted to give them an out as well.
We continued on the next day to Coco's
and tougher terrain....
until finally reaching Coco's for a cold coke
Coco you got some place here...
We left Coco's with a new appreciation for life and the good fortunes we enjoy. Thx Coco! It was now on to Bay of LA. I had not heard much about this town, other then it was worth the drive. Even tho after a short (?) time past Coco's we hit slab all the way to B of LA.
Pulled into town and went for food first then a room. I was somehow expecting more. Everything so far had been so stunning visually and I just didn't get that feel from this town. But hey, we found a room we could fit all three bikes in and it was....right on the beach. And it was also....
Feliz Navidad.....eve?
So we bought one of those awful Christmas beers and had a toast.
Christmas morning, and I DO mean morning I awoke to the sounds of Mexican music played loudly on a cheap stereo just outside my room. I thought Ok, it must be time to get up. But wait, it's still was about 5AM!!!
These locals enjoyed their music for a coupla more hours before finally to bed I suspect.

Merry Christmas everyone!
The stereophonics....
Our room.....or as I liked to call it. Villa B.L.A.
Christmas morning we stocked up on Gatorade and cookies for our drive. It was off to Punta San Franciquito today.
Lotsa dirt!
And perhaps some sand

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