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Here are some more roads in New Jersey that I was on yesterday.

This is Route 70 headed East.

Not a very exciting road.
It is pretty straight, and there is little else out here except what you see.
On this end of it anyway.
The western end of this road ends near Camden and is busy all of the time.

I had been on this road for about 20 miles at this point, and it all pretty much looked like this.

The speed limit here is 55.
It use to be 50.
That was one boring ride at 50 mph.

One of the things I remember from my early years of driving is that most of the roads in this area were concrete, so you had those expansion joints about every 15 feet, and your car would start to bob up and down as you constantly rode over them.
You can see where they are with those dark black strips going across the road in the picture.
The seams start to come through the pavement after a while, but the sensation is not there.

You will see more roads in some pictures later, but this is the road I wanted to take home.
This is County Route 532.
One of my favorite motorcycle roads.
It is not challenging, but it is not boring like most of the roads in the Pine Barrens.
You can see some curves, and there are some elevation changes.

I guess you noticed that white stuff on the road.
We were expecting snow, but I wasn't expecting it until later.
The closer I got to home the heavier it was, and the roads were getting covered.

Here is a small frozen lake covered with a little snow that I passed on 532.
It looked nicer in person.

Like I said, the closer I got to home the more snow I found.
I had to abandon my nice road home and stuck to the State Highways of 72, 70 & 206.

I had to take this road to get home however!

It was slow going from here to home.
25mph with my feet close to the ground in case the bike decided it wanted to flip me into the pavement.

And this is the road to my house.
2" of snow.

I thanked God that I did not have any accidents.

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