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There were several things that had been used for tags in the area, so I had to stop and check them out.

Someone decided these old concrete silos in South Toms River would make a great tag.
The tags are supposed to be accessible to street bikes.
Well, I guess this one is !

I knew I wasn't close enough, so I rode around to get closer.
This is what I saw where I was supposed to turn off the paved road.

My first picture of the silos was taken behind a row of houses.
As I rode around looking for a way to get closer I came to this.

Did I, or didn't I !!!!!

No, I found a way around that puddle.

I came to this wide open area that I can only describe as looking like the surface of the moon.
If you ignore the high tension wire towers and pine trees!

The sand looked like it should be soft, and it was to some degree.
But beings it was only about 25 degrees I think the sand was frozen.
I found that out when I came to ruts and holes in my path.
They gave a little bit, but it was a rough trip getting over them.
The silos were off to the left of the moon, so I looked for a way back there.

I have no idea what these were used for or how old they are.

I don't condone graffiti, but I find it creative and expressive and I thought these were worth a picture or two.

I like this picture.

I made it in and out with very little trouble believe it or not.

It looks like it would be fun on a dirt bike with knobby tires.

SJT 3 Giant Piney Mud Dobber Homes (named by a northerner )

Concrete Silos, South Toms River @

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