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Originally Posted by stbob
Rule number 6 will mean less players & a tag stalled for weeks at a time or bouncing back & forth the same border. IMHO, the tag will see more places and cover more miles without the rule. So what if it spends more time in one state than another, someone can always grab it and move it anywhere they want...
There's no reason this tag game has to move fast, it's not a "commuter tag" but to head off border bouncing, instead of different state, maybe 60 and up mile moves. Just a thought... PA is BIG compared to D.C.
This game looks good. Due to probable day trip distances maybe intro a mascot (not unlike the NorAm egg) that does represent the tag, with a first "bruced" gets it if no new tag is posted/claimed within a week of the posted 2nd place.
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