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Originally Posted by exoff-roadgoat
Hey PC, my buddy polished my headlight with a power buffer and a light compound and it helped. They sell polishing kits for headlights at most automotive supply stores...... With the exception of the mountain states, every state I have visited has been much different from what I imagined. I doubt I'll ever visit N.J. so your pictures are appreciated. With the exception of my friends HD service car, I have never seen anyone ride a motorcycle on a snow covered street, that's gotta be tricky!
Thank you for the information on the headlight.

So is it that you don't want to visit NJ or that it is too far out of the way to visit?
I have never known anyone to place it on their list of places to visit !
And unless you are going from Maine to Florida it is not a major throughway.

The snow riding was not intentional.
In the first picture the snow was just blowing across the road and not sticking. No problem there.
When I got to the intersection of Rt.72 I almost lost it.
From there I did 40 in a 55mph zone.
Fortunately there were not too many cars out.
When I could I would pull over to let any cars behind me pass.
The roads seemed a little slippery at that point and I wasn't going to push it.
So it was pretty slow going.

I knew I had to take backroads to get home.
About 10 miles worth.
There was no other option.
That is where the snow covered roads pictures come in.
I pulled over when I could until I got to within 6 miles of home and that road had no shoulder on it.
One truck passed me out there.
I was only doing 25mph and I had my feet close to dragging the ground in case the bike decided it wanted to tip over.
I would drag me feet once in a while to see how slippery it was and it wasn't too bad, but still not good.

I sure would not suggest anyone do it by any means !
Especially with street tires !

I guess that is where ADV comes in on this trip !
Well, except for the dirt/sand side trip I made !

My Thread of Where I've Been: "PC's Adventures in PIctures"
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