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Here is one of the places I had been wanting to visit since it was tagged in early May of last year.

All of those poles are part of an antenna farm located here in Ocean Gate on Barngat Bay.
It is listed as AT&T Long Lines.
The link above has all kinds of pictures from when this place was in operation.
There are even pictures of the inside equipment rooms.

Here is a small one that didn't make it.

I tried to get a far shot, but there are just too many of them on both sides of the road.

Also noticed the fine road.
I rode around here for a while.
It was nice and quiet and the roads had curves and there was no traffic.

The only problem out here is the smell from the marsh, sorry, wetlands !
It smelled like rotten eggs, even in 20 degree weather.
You can see ice on the water in some of the shots.
This looks like a tidal marsh, so the water here is brakish, meaning it is at the convergence of fresh and salt water.
That would explain some of the smell, and the water would freeze at a lower temperature.
I had not realized how cold it was out while riding this day.
I must be .

I wanted to get a closer picture of the building so I drove up the driveway and turned around in their parking lot.

It doesn't look like this place has been used in years.

I saw this sign at the beginning of the driveway and thought, Oh good, a Wildlife Refuge, no problem.

It wasn't until I read the whole sign after taking the picture that I noticed the Unauthorized Entry Prohibited.

I got back to my bike fast and got out of there.

I don't think there would be a problem, there is no one around, but better to be on the safe side.

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