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I had intended to stop at a few more old tags.
I had missed one somehow.
And it was starting to snow.
I figured it best to get home before it got to bad !!!
Little did I realize what I was riding into.
I made it though.

For the Southern Tag game I used a picture I had taken while on my ride.

What a name huh?
Mount Misery !

What is worse is there is a Methodist Church Camp down that road.

Here was the road headed to Mount Misery.
It was miserable !

Here is a local NJPineBarrens forum about some ruins in the area.
(Great thread for local history and legends in the pines by the way.)
I did not locate the ruins as I was on a mission for a tag.
I looked for the ruins, but I guess they were too far off the road.

I did see this nice "goat pen" as I call it !

If you want some spooky tails see this at WeirdNJ.
I did not see anything weird while I was out there.
Well, except for the odd pen shown above.
Ok, well the house had all kinds of what I will call "collectables" around it.
There was another house in just about the same shape nearby.
These were close to the camp that is out there, so I just figured they belonged to who ever was running the place.

If you are interested in a week campout in the woods check out the Pineland Center at Mt Misery.
I saw this sign, but about 1/3 of the letters were missing.

It is hard to find decent historical information about the area on-line.
The weird stuff keeps coming to the top.

The only thing I did see was that Mount Misery was originally named by a Frenchman as Mt. Misericorde.

Upon looking up misericorde the prospects of a good reason for the name are even less helpful. Especially definition #3.

mis·er·i·cord or mis·er·i·corde27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000>

(mzr--kôrd, m-zr-)
1. a. Relaxation of monastic rules, as a dispensation from fasting.

b. The room in a monastery used by monks who have been granted such a dispensation.
2. A bracket attached to the underside of a hinged seat in a church stall against which a standing person may lean. Also called miserere.
3. A narrow dagger used in medieval times to deliver the death stroke to a seriously wounded knight

SJT 168 Mt Misery

Mount Misery @

My Thread of Where I've Been: "PC's Adventures in PIctures"

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