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Rule #6 ie tag in a different state it going to lead to more slab to take/get/place a tag...

One of the nice things about tag was seeing new stuff and taking fun new roads to get there ... If you take a tag where no state border is nearby it could sit untill you get back out again especially if you have to travel some distance, and if you have to place a tag in another state - it's going to be more of a chore to get to said new state and find a place to tag.. Odds are it will be just inside the line..

Let's say I blow a whole day getting to and back from a tag in MD (you know to post it up before i get bruced, unless I use a laptop or library somewhere).. I then have to ride to another state to place it.. It would be far easier for me to sneak into DC to place it as that is closest, but the roadd might not be so fun....

It you want to add some complexity to the game, make folks take a pictures of something more specific - like a historical site - or one another board where I play a similiar game - make it a picture of the snake like twisty road ahead...
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