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Originally Posted by BARB
Too many rules and then we'd have to print posters, sell tickets. The non-profit usually wants a cut. It's kind of a small endeavor to do that much work when we can all throw a little in the hat and get it done. Already 2 donations posted today for $10.00 each. Thanks, Barb

We need the Hackster to post up a rough budget of what we need dollar-wise. I don't see the need to do a raffle.. just a fill the boot kind of deal.

What it's gonna take is a concerted effort on the part each and every ADVer in this group. Time to gather up some change and get it to Barb either in person or through PayPal.

I'm talkin' to each and everyone of you Pterodactyls/Gruvers/ and Wanabees.

Hacky and MotoMama have been a huge part of D2D from the very beginning. If you've ever been to Dawson during our little D2D gathering, you know a lot of effort goes into making it happen. These two riders have payed their dues and I think we need to show them our thanks and appreciation.
It's pay-back time.

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