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Originally Posted by BARB
Already 2 donations posted today for $10.00 each. Thanks, Barb
$10 each? Gotta do better than that.
Barb, questions some may want answers to. Can you, to the best of your knowledge, answer these?

You sure that site is secure?

Is a percentage taken by Paypal and credit card companies?

If yes to the above, which would take less?

Can we give cash straight to you & save that percentage that they might take?

If we can't raise enough, approximately $3K as I understand it, to send Hacky South to Cali & back, will we get a refund?
(We damn well better raise enough!)

And most importantly........
Will Hacky spend most of it on hookers & blow or just spend most of it foolishly?

Will Hacky share the hookers & blow?
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