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Originally Posted by DOGSROOT
You'd think!!

In reality though, I ride all winter. Last winter I dumped her 4 times in the snow. The cost of mirrors, brake levers, footpegs etc is small...
but it was worrying me; being "underemployed", I couldn't aford anything big/costly.

This winter's been a breeze.

Having said that, I put in 150 kms on a -15 C (5 F) day last week.
Only once did my fingers hurt; when warm blood returned to them whilst thawing.

Kinda painful. Kinda funny.
I managed to dump my baby 4 times - in a row. In a desperate effort to get her back home, up the hill. Useless effort, by the way. Had to walk her back to the next village (dumping her again twice), because the road was only pure ice, covered by a little snow. Next morning I rode again, but a few days after I had to give up. That was on 21st of december. Since that day she's parked at the University and I couldn't et her back home yet... Sad story...

BTW: I know that finger-thawing thing pretty good. Used to ride regularly at -10 to -18C back in Berlin. It hurts damn well.

Can't wait to join the game..... Even if I also like the snow up here...
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