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ah statistics !

Originally Posted by rentaman
ATGATT............never heard of it til I hit this site.
Crashed hard over 20 years ago with no helmet. Lost a little hair there, where my noggin was scrapin the pavement. 75' skid marks, 5 sheriff cars, 5 ambulances. I rode home." surviving an accident without a helmet, but I can use the crash as an example of surviving an accident due to drunkeness."

If no helmet law and a familiar or stress free area, I ride without, but if I don't know the area the skid lid stays on.
Hmmm......most accidents happen at 20 mph or less- helmets are designed for up to a 14 mph impact.

Sneakers are ok, but if it is not blisteringly hot out, I wear engineer boots.

where is this persons thoughts now ,3 years later ?
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