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I finally got my VisionX LED lights mounted. Went for the 15x45 flood slaved to the ignition switch, and the 10 spot slaved to the high beam switch. I want the flood on whenever I'm riding for extra conspicuity, and the spot on whenever I turn on the high beam, so I didn't install any extra (and IMhO unnecessary) switches. If I ever need to trouble-shoot the lights, the disconnect plugs are within easy each.

Anyway, here's how they look. Flood on the right side of the bike to light up the suicidal deer on the side of the road, and spot on the left side of the bike.

Here's what they look like from an oncoming driver's point of view. Low beam and flood:

And high beam and spot:

I rode out to a nearby narrow dirt road to test them out. I shot all of these pictures with my camera set on manual exposure to keep the results consistent, using a 40mm lens which approximates the normal viewing angle of the human eye.

First, low beam only:

Add the VisionX 15x45 flood to the low beam:

High beam:

And finally, high beam and the VisionX 10 Spot:

The lamps draw only 10 watts each, so there's no worries about wringing the alternator's neck. And unlike HIDs they fire up instantly. I think the results speak for themselves. These things rock. I'm a happy camper.


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