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VOTE 1... South 'Merica

Originally Posted by SafariBerg
Argentina & Chile for one more year.......................because

1) the $$$$ the 2 governments are prepared to throw at ASO to keep the event there

2) also the need for more time to get a secure route and various government agreements in place for a north africa rallye Tunisia - Libya - Egypt etc
+1 for SafariBerg's theory...

As Garry is aware, government's/organisations like "three year plans"...

1. Create the program (get the teething problems over with and establish the "new" endeavour). 2009... check!

2. Build upon the success of the initial investment... realise the viability of the program and conduct a great event. 2010... check!

3. Capitalise on the investment, infrastructure and promotion of the previous two years to reap the full commercial potential (return on investment) in year three... 2011...???

For 2011 ASO have a two nations and govenment bodies that WANT to host DAKAR in South America; that have both demonstrated their ability to support the event in immaculate standard... in the meantime ASO can use the next 12 months in a calm and calculated manner to weigh up the other options 2012 and forward, to negotiate the best deal, the logistics and THEN return to Africa (whether it's Egypt/Libya/Tunisia or the Sahara)... or wherever ELSE in the world they might be considering, all with the comfort of knowing they can make the announcement in good time, not a "last minute" decision.

Argentina/Chile for DAKAR 2011 makes good commercial sense I reckon... and ASO is a business.

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