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Originally Posted by RickA
Hi all,

Pic taken of me and my 300 a week ago here in North Wales.

We had to turn back on most of the trails and eventually opted for the Pub instead. Great fun though.

Cheers, Rick.
Nice pic.

I think me and my not-so-smooth throttle hand would have also opted for the "Pub".

Originally Posted by Pom
Excuse my lack of knowledge, I am thinking of buying one of this baby KTMs and was wondering what the differences between the 250 and 300 are - apart from the extra 50cc that is...........
I have an XC-W. From what I can tell, other than the bore (which makes the 50cc's you spoke of), the only difference I know of (between my 3-honey and the 250 XC-W) is the E-Start. Both are compatible with it, but the 300 comes with it.

Keep in mind that the above is just my ignorant opinion...You will probably be safer if you wait for some of the more "well-informed", of this thread, to chime-in.

The hell with it...Just get the 300! You know you want to...
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