Thread: Is Mexico Safe?
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US Dept of State has a travel alert. They must post these for no reason whatsoever.

Did I ever say I wouldn't go back or that there was rampant violence against Americans?

I love Mexico and it's people. IMO, I just think it's not safe right now. If you disagree, that's cool.
In NM, we get constant reports of the state of affairs in Columbus, Palomas, Juarez, and anything regarding the border. The violence is ratcheting up and you would be hard pressed to find anyone around here that will disagree with that. If you don't believe me, go to Pancho's in Palomas and hang out for a nice quiet evening. Ask the police chief of Columbus, NM. Oh yeah, they can't find one anymore.
The thread title is "Is Mexico Safe?" Do you want everyone to chime in and say, "yes"? Why the question in the first place?
I could ask, "Is Detroit Safe" and get some widely varied opinions as well.
See this is a discussion board and that is how you get different views even though we may not all agree on those views. Chill out, don't be mis-quoting me or getting yourself worked into a lather about it!
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