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Been riding 10 years on the road, and new to off road. I don't believe that every motorcyclist has to crash at least once (referring to road riding). There are a lot of experienced riders that haven't gone down. I believe experience, practice and riding skills are far more important than the gear. I also believe that we should ride as if every cage is out to get us. I also believe that we can't guarantee we won't go down. But how often when someone has crashed, could it have been prevented by slowing down before that blind corner, or preparing for that parked car to pull out. Maybe the rider would have seen the gravel in the corner or that the car with the broken signal was about to pull out.
I wear a full face helmet, gloves, boots, leather jacket, as a minimum. After joining this site I purchased a pressure suit for dual sporting, and next are some riding pants and knee pads.
I won't wear everything when going to work or to the store, only on joyrides. We need to be careful out there, but it doesn't help to live in constant fear.
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