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Originally Posted by TemeculaRider
That's because you don't know what you're talking about. By all means, stay out of Mexico and leave all the risk to me! I'm going back just as soon as I can string 5-6 days together. I live in the world capitol of meth production and can't wait to get away from these crazy people and go somewhere safe and warm to relax.

I'm still waiting on some reports of non-drug violence against Americans to make me believe it's not safe. Do you have any? And what about the answer to my most basic questions that you keep avoiding with all your "don't get worked into a lather" shit?

Answer this: Since there's gang-related violence in Compton and Watts, should I stay out of Wyoming?

Go wherever the fuck you want. Have fun, enjoy yourself. I never tried to tell YOU what to do, did I?
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