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Originally Posted by AuthorEditor
Wasn't there just a study released indicating that in states with helmet laws there is no decrease in overall fatalities? I've read the same thing with regard to skiing helmets. Apparently, us humans ratchet up the riding or skiing when wearing helmets, so they don't really save us. When I was a kid and it was a really hot night my dad would take me out riding on his mc to cool off. We wore helmets, but only shorts and t-shirts. Never thought anything of it. When I started riding ATGATT was just hiking boots, jeans, an open-face helmet, and some old work gloves. You might have seen an occasional leather jacket, but certainly nothing with any armor. Nobody thought anything of it. Cars didn't have air bags or even seat belts. We weren't scared. Safety is 95% how you drive, and 5% luck.
Most studies are done within a year or so and there's no statistical relevance. There has to be long term statistical analysis to eliminate process variation. That's why there really isn't any predictability from one year to the next with any accuracy, what will happen. Maybe the helmets do make a difference, maybe they don't... but a single year used as an example is far from realistic.

By the way, did you ever see what happened to people in crashes before seat belts and air bags? Even a minimal crash that now wouldn't be any big deal, could result in severe facial or head injuries when the driver/passenger hit the steering wheel/dash board/windshield without any restraint. I guarantee there are far less disfiguring injuries over all since the implementation of seat belt laws, among those wearing seat belts versus before them (those not wearing belts after the laws aren't applicable statistics). And it seems most fatal high speed accidents have drivers/passengers without belts on... kind of leaves the no fear thing out in the cold.
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