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Is quoting yourself verboten??

Originally Posted by DOGSROOT
Yeah ST-Ranger, that would be helpful... How's about you nip on down to Mexico to keep the flavour international while you're at it?

I'm thinking that in order to move the game along, perhaps I should amend "inscription" to "words" so it includes graffiti, defacement, etching, messages or signs of any kind, epitaphs and epigraphs, engravings, sayings, phone numbers, lyrics, and the like.

For those NAWCTOR players that are not in the know, when ST-Ranger is not wreaking havoc on this game, he is rockin' the brand new


which at the moment is stalled because some idjit (that'd be me ) set the bar too high....

How about some help from the NAWCTOR? Just think how cool it would be to hold 2 Wild Card Tags at the simultaneously.

Now GO GET IT!!!
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