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Depends on which road you go around the closed sign on....

For instance, Saline Valley RD usually has a closed sign on it during the winter months. The reason being that Inyokern County determines if the road is passable for an average passenger car, if not then it is "closed"....

Meaning, travel at your own risk. Right now, it's filled in with 3 foot snow drifts.

Down in Death, it's usually different and a closed sign means stay out.

The best thing to do is call the rangers and ask them what roads are "own risk closures" and what roads are "gonna get a big ticket closures."

If you're looking for easy rides, it appeared that the road past Ubehebe crater, Tea Kettle junction to the race track was open the other day...

At least there were non Park Ranger trucks on it. (note that Ubehebe crater parking area is closed).

The DV site says Wildrose is closed in the lower canyon due to flood damage... in this area the road basically follows a dry river, that looks like it was flowing during the last storm. There may not be pavement left?

I would try it out and see how it is, it doesn't appear to be completely closed. Looks like you can make it to the Charcoal Kilns as well from the web site, just might be a little snow up there.

Indian Springs RD (out of the park) to Ballarat is a good ride and you can take that all the way down to the mouth of Goler Wash, check it out and then loop back up to Panamint Springs. Looked good the other day.

West side Road is open as well, and if you haven't ridden Green Water Road to Tecopa, that's another scenic easy ride that looks open.

Have fun out there,

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