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Originally Posted by AuthorEditor
Wasn't there just a study released indicating that in states with helmet laws there is no decrease in overall fatalities? I've read the same thing with regard to skiing helmets. Apparently, us humans ratchet up the riding or skiing when wearing helmets, so they don't really save us. When I was a kid and it was a really hot night my dad would take me out riding on his mc to cool off. We wore helmets, but only shorts and t-shirts. Never thought anything of it. When I started riding ATGATT was just hiking boots, jeans, an open-face helmet, and some old work gloves. You might have seen an occasional leather jacket, but certainly nothing with any armor. Nobody thought anything of it. Cars didn't have air bags or even seat belts. We weren't scared. Safety is 95% how you drive, and 5% luck.
The latest studies have found that states that makes helmet repeal laws have an imidiate and sharp rise in motorcycle fatalaties. I've never seen studies that sugest that more safety measures don't make any difference in fatalaties.
Safety is 95% how you drive and 5% luck? Never heard such a thing before, what I have heard is that safety comes through better drivers education, layout of traffic patterns, seperation of pedestrians, bicycle and motorized vehicles, ABS brakes have helped a lot when people finally learned how to use them (look at drivers ed again) airbags have saved countless people from terrible anguish from impact with the steering wheel or winshield, seatbelts have saved more people than any other safety measure invented for cars.
The times you are referring to was a time with a lot less traffic congestion than now and it has to be said that the cars that we now admire for their beautiful interior and exterior designs were mere death traps.
Maybe "Unsafe at Any Speed" rings a bell?

Safety isn't about you being scared or not, it's about giving you and I the best possible outcome of an accident. The vehicle you're driving shouldn't contribute to your death in case of a crash, it should be, in other words, safe to operate for you and those around you.
Helmets, armoured clothing, ABS, anti skid control systems, wheelie prevention systems and whatever the next safety measure they'll invent for motorcycles doesn't kill more people and to say so is absolutely rubbish.
Again, education of new motorcyclist in the US is an absolute joke and that is a very contributing factor to the high amount of motorcycle accidents and also, as the Hurt Report found out and I think that still stands, that there's simply too few of us to make Mr. and Mrs. Cageloaf notice us and if they do indeed notice us the disdain for motorcyclists in the US is still significant and we're not seen upon as being the upstanding pillars of society that we truly are
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