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so quarantine was just a formallity (yeah, like i'm carrying fresh fruit and vegetables )

i couldnt have learnt my lesson earlier about 'detours' too well, as i soon found myself scooting of down another dirt track to the coast, soon i was winding thru sand dunes and then popped up over a big(ish) one to this!

bloody hell, where'd that come from..! i rode a few km's down the beach,

it was too hot, and this place was too nice... and the water looked fantastic

let me rephrase that.. the water "was" fantastic

so after cooling off, i marked this place on my GPS incase i came back this way..

kindof a repeat of the last pic, but i like it so there:

it was time to wack the boots back on and get a wriggle on...still wanted a few more km's down today...

so into Eucla for a fuel up,

then back out onto the hot old highway again..

did i mention it was HOT out here?

not quite sure why i was riding across Australia at the hottest time of the year (effecticely wrapped in black plastic !) and 42 degrees at 6:30 at

anyway, the next few hours consisted of me riding lots, stopping at each roadhouse and drinking 1.5 litres of water at each...and then a gatorade chaser just to quench my thirst....

i was getting pretty tired as it had been a long sweaty day...

i got to the roadhouse at Cocklebiddy and decided that was far enough...

but it was freakin hot still, so i thought i'd backtrack about 20km and then duck down a dirt track to the coast (about 50km) where hopefully it would be a bit cooler...

so the dirt road turned to deep rutted sand after about 15km...

and darkness arived..

i thought to myself....'35km of this'..?

i nearly said 'bugger it' a few times and contemplated setting up there on the side of the track, but some signs allong the way 'kinda' indicated i shouldnt be there so on i pressed..

there was a building down there (bird obsevatory me thinks) which had people staying in it.. i gunned it past in the darkness, then hit the dunes and new i was close.....

i finally poped out on the beach...scooted about 2km down it then swung up to the top of the beach, parked the bike and cracked open a beer that id picked up in cocklebiddy..

15.5 hours and just on 1000km today.... i was knackered

discovered the 'beak' has a dual purpose

i quickly setup tent, not bothering with the fly....i'd put more than money on it that it wouldnt rain tonight....

i didnt really want to eat, but 'common sense' prevailed and i figured i should put somethin back in after all i'd taken out today... a quick chilli was in order

another beer and i was out...this had been 2 looong days!

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