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Originally Posted by Offblnz
I don't agree with you there, but I guess it depends a bit on how old your helmet is. Mine is two years old and I have excellent peripheral vision and have never needed any more than this helmet gives me. The new helmets have even better view than last years models, but mostly I think it's a mental thing with you. If you got your vision tested I think you'd find you don't lose any. Racers use the same helmets we do (or some of us do, bloody things are expensive damhik) and rely almost entirely on their peripheral vision and speeds are quite a lot faster than on the road.
So there
My helmet is 1 year old, and where the visor ends is where my vision ends. I am not an owl! My open face gives me a better view, I can easily see at least a half mile down the road behind me when glancing over my shoulder wearing it, vs about 100 yards when wearing my full face.
OTOH I am of asian descent, so maybe I have more peripheral vision than you
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