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Momafox can I ride?
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RR bridge at University of Virginia that the students use to write all sorts of stuff on. It's constantly changing.
Righteous messages and slogans up above, and the uneducated riff raff scrawl their graffiti down below by the tracks.

I guess this should be a bridge with enough words on it even though it's not some sort of permanent inscription.

New tag:
Go find a historical town square and take a picture with your bike in it. Preferably one with lot's of brick,statues that include a soldier with a rifle and some cannons would be great but not necessary, we can't all live near charming southern downtowns full of reminders of that rebel spirit...

No but seriously any old town square will work, look forward to seeing the town square in your neck of the woods.

This is Court square in Charlottesville,Virginia,USA

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