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Originally Posted by England-Kev
Time to give it a little push, as it was way back in the cheap seats...
Thanks for bumping it up - just registered yesterday and probably wouldn't have found the thread for a time...

I have an '83 in the garage without much history; I bought it new from Atlas Cycle in Tulsa. My riding was interrupted while I raised 5 kids and spent far too much money on several small airplanes.

Having gotten the airplanes out of my system, now that the first two daughters are at (expensive) university, it's time to breath some life back into the old girl. Fortunately, I removed the carbs years ago, cleaned them and stored in ziplock bags. Removed the tank, as well. Turned the engine now and then, avoided stuck cylinders, otherwise left her well insulated under several layers of garage clutter.

Since pictures are mandatory, I'll post something when I get home from work, but you're not gonna' like it! I'll certainly need some help with restoration advice - looks like I've found the right place.
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