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Originally Posted by Dr. Beard
I have to say that, being someone who routinely has a 150-200+mi round trip tag run in NoVA, a mascot is the only way to go.

It's extremely nice to be able to Grab a Tag and then Drop off the new tag sometimes 100mi from home all in one fail swoop, w/o worrying about getting bruced. I think it should be about the ride, not the iPhone.

We usually go with the 1st mascot-free bruced photo gets to place the new tag if the mascot doesn't show in 12hrs or if there's any funny business (ie: cage-related shenanigans).

I think mascot-less tag discourages long-distance tag attempts. Just my 2c.
That is a really good point. I concede that the mascot makes more sense viewed like that.
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