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Originally Posted by AstroXX
The winter maintenance and repair of my '88 continues and the more I dig the more I find. Stripped screws/nuts/bolts missing the top engine hanger. Anyway, my Hepco & Becker engine guard arrived today , new brake pads are on the way and I found the engine hanger at Cheap
Cycle Parts. Next I want to replace the chain and sprockets and I can't find information in the service manual about the stock set-up (am I missing something?). I've read the threads about different sprockets with varying degrees of hardness and I'm still confused. Right now i have 15 on the front , 45 rear and the chain is a piece of junk. I'm looking for the best set-up for northwest muddy roads and trails with highway trips to get there. Recommendations??
No recommendations on the sprockets, I'll leave that to the others. But, I am curious about how the mounting of your H&B engine guards go. If I had kept the emissions canister on the bike, I wouldn't have been able to fit them at all (since the canister bolts on the right side of the frame below the fuel tank) but since I removed that previously it wasn't in the way (I guess the canister may just be a CA model thing and not applicable to other state or foreign models).

The real issue (aside from wrestling the bars into place) was that the bottom of the U-bolt H&B provided is square and the back of my frame tube is rounded and as a result, the U-Bolt is not long enough to fit through the guards. I purchased a rounded U-bolt from a hardware store and prepared to install it, but I opted instead to just bolt the engine guards together. Not as much strength on the upper bars of the engine guards that way, but I don't have to worry about breaking my frame (which is also part of the oil reservoir) if I drop the bike. There is also a rigid aluminum oil line on the frame at the mounting point that I wouldn't want to crack or break in a fall. I may install the U-bolt at some point, but I am curious about how it all works out for you.

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