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Originally Posted by Gregg Wannabe
Great stuff Ned and others keep it coming. Unfortunately, I have nothing to add to this thread, I can only take. I do have a question though.

I noticed in your photos that your cover has been dented in and it looks like it was creased by the brake lever bolt. This happened to me as well during a spill where the brake lever bent in and rode up creasing my cover almost to the point of going through. I was thinking about grinding down the sharp stuff on the inside of the lever or even welding on a small glider plate (say, a 1 1/2 inch square piece of metal) to the inside of the lever or even sticking a small piece of plastic on the case so the lever would glide on the case instead of going through. Any ideas?
On the two strokes, the cover is recessed stock. Mine has a scratch where the brake lever touched it (as you correctly pointed at), but it is not dented.

Honestly, it wasn't a problem on either of my 300's, so I haven't put much thought into what to change. Let me consider it.

I'm looking forward to Dirtrider's comments. As someone who rides a lot, is obviously mechanically inclined, and works in a shop and therefore gets to see what goes wrong... I'm interested for what he can add.

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