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The spring tension is good and the stand stays up nice and tight to the stop. There is no bounce of the stand that I am aware of. Getting a spring that would do that and also retain its spring tension with the amount of extension required is why the spring is so long. Because the upper spring connection point is so far from the pivot point this was necessary. Getting the spring right on these stands is the hardest part of putting it together.

I base this on the XR650L stand which is almost the same as the XR400 stand. The only difference being the mounting bracket and a bend in the legs similar to the Husky TE610 stand. I hope to have some pictures next week when I receive them.

Thanks for getting the measurement.

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Originally Posted by Gladly
PM'd you back with the height as near as I could figure for my bike (trying to balance it on the floor jack while measuring)

how is the spring tension on the ones that you've built for other models, will it withstand some hooligan moves?
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