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Good luck.

Hey matey, as someone who has had to start over from scratch 5 times so far in my lifetime, I too know what it's like to see all that you work so hard for have disappear right in front of you but you know what? Sometimes its also the best thing. Kinda like the clouds and silver lining thing. It's all about attitude. Go visit any graveyard and here's what you won't find, you won't find any tombstone with the lament "I wish I would have spent another day at the office"...or for that matter in a garage. At the end of your days you can't take it with you so all you will have will be your memories and experiences. You won't be thinking "I wish I had finished that DR project" when you are at the end, you will be regretting all the experiences you never tried. I gave everything up to live on the road and yeah sure I am stationary at the moment making money to move on, but I also know it's temporary, like life. People like my wife and myself know that you now have one of the best opportunities of your life right in front of you. Too many people wish they could or dream they will, but sadly most never do. Grab a hold with everything you have and make it a life to remember. Get on that Tenere of yours and have yourself an awesome adventure.
Good health and long may you ride!

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