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Aftermarket Tanks

HPN Tank (Acerbis)

Capacity- 11.5 gal/43l
Material Const- Nylon (paintable), Polyethelene("Philipps CL 50",non paintable)
Color- Polyethelene (not paintable)White, black, red, blue, transparent
Nylon (paintable) semitransparent
Gas Cap-lockable or screw on w/vent hose
Attachment- front 2 brackets either side of timing cover on frame
rear-bracket bolts to backbone of frame-
Petcocks-left and right
Fitment Issues-oil cooler on crash bar must be relocated,
extra "T" for fuel line on right carb
Note-carries large amount of fuel low so weight is less of an issue
BAP Petcock inner 21 mm rubber gaskets available here (

Lft front mounting bracket

TAG Regolarita
Capacity- approx same as G/SPD 8.9gal/32l
Material Const- fiberglass, modeled after R80 G/S PD
Petcock- Left and Right, extra "T" for fuel line on right carb
Gas Cap-??
Attachment-rear ???, front bolts at welded on mounts at frame
Fitment issues- needs mounts at front of frame

TAG Moto
Capacity- 14.8gal/56l
Material Const-Carbon Kevlar
Petcock- left and right sides
Gas cap- type unknown
Attachment- full body kit w/ tank
Fitment issues- custom body kit

no picts available
Capacity- (12.9gal/49l) and (15.8gal/60l) and (2.9gal/11L)
Material Const- aluminum
Petcock- Left and Right, extra "T" for fuel line on right carb
Gas Cap-type?
Fitment issues- ???


Capacity- (10 gal/40l)
Material Const- steel?
Petcock- Left and Right, extra "T" for fuel line on right carb
Gas Cap-screw type
Fitment issues- ???
This /5 or newer Heinrich was interesting for two reasons: One, the indent in the tunnel area, and Two, the ID tag on the bottom. This tank was made by Werner Reinschluessel, who took over tank production in 1981from Karl Heinrich.

ID tag on lower left- Werner Reinschluessel (RW on the tag) made these tanks from 1981 to 1984, when he transferred the rights over to Jeckel. Code 208 indicates that this tank is made for R80 G/S, and holds 40 liters. The number 743 is the serial number.

2004 BMW R1150RS
1984 BMW R80G/S
(wrenching index)
2003 Suzuki DRZ 400S (TAT Prep)
One More DRZ does the TAT (Ride Report)

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