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Such a versatile bike. I want to add one to my collection as it will most certainly go down in history as one of (if not THE) best off-road bike ever made.

A guy brought an 08 300 XC-We to the MX track and he let me put some laps on it. It was way light compared to my 520SX and much smoother. The W tranny didn't seem to bother it too much even in the deep sand corners. Not sure if the XC model is the same but I found the throttle to have too much rotation. I like it quick.
Anyway, the bike had me in "super" attack position with my head way out front to keep the bike low out of corners. Even a gear high it would drive hard enough to float the front wheel. I wouldn't say it was a one-gear bike but pretty close. Chugs nice at low RPM, hard to stall and lots of warning before it does.

WarriorPrince: Not sure what year CR500 you had but I can tell you it's way smoother than my 86 with an FmF Gnarly pipe. Not as much peak power as my CR but a much broader powerband. CR is brutal in comparison. Can ride the KTM 300 faster longer than the CR500.

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