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Originally Posted by ValveCrusher
Your linkage is installed incorrectly. I had to double check my '86 before i posted up, but i was pretty sure, just by looking at your picture.

Both of the dogbones are inverted on your swingarm.
If you flip them, you should have alot better fitment. (I'm not talking about changing from one side to another, i mean flip one end to the other)

And I have washers(spacers) in each gap.

Please post up your findings, when you can. I'd like to know how it works out for you...
Unfortunately, I thought I had it figured out too. when reassembling I tried flipping them around and it did not work. Here is a friends bike, although he doesn't clean his bike much, you can see the orientation of the dog bones and the gap, although his looks smaller.If you'd like to put up a pic of yours, I would appreciate it.

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