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Originally Posted by RedShark
A long time ago I sold motorcycles at a dealership. When I'd sell a bike to a new rider, and we were done with the deal and waiting for the bike from service (checkover) I'd tell them: " Now that you are riding, people - friends, family, strangers will feel the need to tell you thier 'horror story' about an acquaintence of thiers that came to a Bad End, all because of Motorcycles - and I'm going to be the first:

When I was 16 and lifeguarding I rode home on my Suzuki GT380 for lunch one day, and rounding a corner I've used thousands of times I clipped a gravel patch and went down. Well, I had some jeans on and a jean jacket - they were a bit torn up, and I was sore but I picked the bike up, kick-started it and went home and had lunch. When I was done I went out to the carport and there on the mirror was my (purple metalic flake) helmet - right where I left it with a pattern of small stones imbedded into the surface. I never knew my head had hit the ground.

Wearing your gear probably WON'T save you if you take a head-on into a bus, but it WILL go a long way to saving you from the typical low-energy spills that can happen to ANY rider in daily use. SO WEAR YOUR GEAR.
Thus endith the sermon, go forth and have fun.
Like you I would have bet my head did not hit either

I had a nice Arai helmet, and newish jeans and jean jacket, decent steel toed boots, leather gloves, what amounted to ATGATT then. Some minor road rash, but rode home.

I would have bet a lot of money my head never hit anything.

When the soreness gone, ready to ride, I got my helmet out. In the top exact center, there was a tiny pit, and a 3" diameter oil can crack around it. I guess it hit something on the bike as I fell off.

I was almost instantly wet with sweat, knees weak. That helmet went in the trash, and I went right out and got another one.

Ruined it too, but that is another story

Before that I would ride without a helmet quite a bit.

Not now.

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