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i knew that would be an easy find. there are no bmw's on my porch. i'm about a mile from there and not in a place you're likely to ever pass by.
i hope your other pic actually shows the part of the mural i parked in front of. otherwise i might call a technical foul.
if you're in the area check out the edgefield restaurant next to the record store. it's an old school meat and three place.

i wish you'd post your next pic tonight. i'm supposed to go for a ride in the morning...

Originally Posted by herods_flu
All I can tell you is the temperature next to the building. Cold. No seriously, from what I gather it used to be the ADEX homesellers office building. Now there's a record store in there. Cute little area. Of course I was lost most of the time. I did pass a house with 2 BMW's on the porch, that ain't you, is it Blake? I'd of swung in for a beer if it was. I had to stop and ask three people where the mural was. All blondes, in case y'all were wondering. I'm not putting the next one up til tomorrow. Sorry, got plans tonight.
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