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ok, thanks to input from you guys I've got the following route as a guide..
  • Toronto (start 1st Sept/finish end Sept)
  • Chigaco (for some pizza) 1000 mile marker - day 2
  • HD Museum (Milwaikee)
  • Rapid City (for Mt.Rushmore) 2000 mile marker - day 4
  • Boise (a mate) 3000 mile marker day 6
  • San Fran (the Pacific coast and to see if I can find my heart again) 3700 miles from start (very ish) day 7
  • Roswell (for some area 51 flying saucer joy) 5000 mile marker day 9
  • San Antonio (Alamo and Davy Crocket, "blind in texas") 5600 miles - day 10
  • Baton Rouge ...
  • New Orleans (for some blues) 6200 mile marker - day 11
  • Memphis (Gracelands) 6600 mile marker - day 12
  • Nashville (line dancin') 6850 mile marker - day 13
  • New York (for the Atlantic and the "coast to coast" thing) 7850 mile marker - day 15
  • Buffalo 8250 miles marker - day 17
  • Toronto 8350 miles - day 18 (18 days of riding that is...not allowing for bad shit and hangovers)
that's about 13200 KM and I'll have 4 to 5 weeks to do it. It's a lot but it's not daunting and, apart from the exhaust (rorty), my bike's set up for distance.

My objectives are;
  • Ride USA coast to coast on my 'Goose
  • Check out some musical (rock, country, jazz and blues), historical and natural monuments (in that order of priority)
  • Have a vacation where I can understand the language and read the menu
  • Meet people, drink beer, eat food
Direct Costs Incurred to date (10th February)
  • €50 for NA maps for Zumo 660 bloody €50 for NA mapsource maps cos I cocked up and Garmin weren't super stars.
  • €10 for 2x large wall maps of NA
  • €15 for Lonely Planet US
thoughts? any good gigs in September?
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