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Originally Posted by flying_finn
Am I crazy. I have the sudden urge to dump my R90/6 and get a Harley ..

Ok .. I'm ready to hear it ...
This just makes me think of what I told my brother when he bought his 78 BMW R100RS Motorsport, but the comparisons change.

I told him not to expect great acceleration when compared to even the Japanese standards, but it would cruise at high speeds just fine. That they handle good, but not on par with any Japanese sportbike. But it really didn't matter for his riding. So he was perfect for the R100.

You can't expect a Harley to cruise at the speeds your BMW can as easily and comfortably, nor can you expect it to handle like your BMW. What you will find is that the Harley has more sex appeal to some women and that appeals to many men. I know a few guys that are single and only own a Harley so they can use them to pick up women... and it works! There is a bit of a similar effect for teen/early twenties girls for sportbikes too. The BMWs for the most part don't have this effect.

Personally, I'd keep the BMW and buy the Harley if you can. It only makes sense, they are at opposite ends of the spectrum to an extent. I met up with a number of riders when working at the dealership, who had both Harleys and GoldWings. The Harleys weren't the tourers, more the customs. The riders' comments were that the Harleys were what they screwed around and cruised on, the GoldWings were when they were doing some serious riding, especially when going any distance with the wives on the back. I think you'd find similar experiences but in different directions. If you want to ride all day long on winding roads or simply put on a whole lot of miles on a trip the BMW is the ticket, otherwise the Harley could be fun.

But all in all, it's whatever you want to do. After all, there are riders scraping pegs on cruisers and touring riders on 500cc bikes as well as riders trying to off road streetbikes and riders trying to long distance tour on more off road oriented dual sports. It can be done, just how much will you put up with.
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