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I was riding along in a 30mph zone. Entered a traffic circle (so I slowed down to about 15mph) and observed another vehicle approaching the circle. They hit their brakes and looked like they were coming to a full stop so I looked at the next street, the one I needed to exit onto. In my peripheral, I saw the bumper of the car, he impacted the right rear of my bike (saddle bag, thankfully, and not my ankle). I slid, the rear tire caught and I high-sided. I had no exposed skin but no armor.

My knees and elbows were very easy to clean (according to the ER). My cheap gloves protected the skin on my hands but I immediately bought better gloves after seeing how they tore apart at such low speed.
The EMT's asked several times if I hit my head and I said no. Then they asked me to confirm the scratch that went from the face to the rear of the helmet and I said, yes, I hit my head. I never knew it hit, it must have been while I was rolling.

I learned that armor is a good thing and I now make sure that I have some form of armor all the time. I wish I had worn my jacket, but it was just a 1 mile ride to the gas station, on a military base with low speed limits, so I thought I would be fine. Now my knees and elbows turn purple in the shower but maybe in another 5 years that will diminish.

I ride in 100+ degree heat around here and I always wear armor, I just pick something that will breathe when possible.
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