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years ago I had a walking pace highside when the front wheel on my beemer caught a rut that I didn't notice due to my looking other than where I was going. picked the bike up and rode 30 miles back home. when I took my helmet off, I noticed a smear of dirt on the side. wiped it off and discovered a two inch long crack in the helmet. like the others, I would have sworn that my helmet had not hit the ground. I did have a concussion and headaches and dizzyness for two days.

a few years ago I changed bikes and went from a single piston single disc front brake to a dual disc dual piston front brake. grabbed the front brake like always and instant low side. scuffed up leathers on my left shoulder and hip, scratched up helmet with the visor destroyed.

two crashes on the street in 40+ years of riding. sweat dries faster than skin heals. ATGATT for me
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