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Originally Posted by 2on2off
Do any of you know of anyone who has ridden a BMW R1200GS or similiar size bike, over Echo Pass from Furnace Creek to Beatty? I hear there is a "work around" to avoid the "steps" on this trail but I have never been on it.

Popey (R1150GS) and I (VStrom 650) made it thru Echo Pass a couple of years ago.

We lucked out in that there were two others at the big step when we got there. I think it was AZCacti (KTM 950) and MiseryGoat (smaller KTM). I believe the smaller KTM made it on its own power. The 3 big bikes all got assistance to get up the step. Would have be much harder but probably possible if we hadn't run into them. The step section is shorter and probably easier than trying to go up the rocks at Mengel Pass.

That said Popey and I both consider Echo Pass to be harder than Steele Pass and probably the hardest 1/2 day of riding we had ever done. There were no easy sections. Miles of soft gravel on the way in. And the other side was a 10 mile (?) teeth rattling ride down a rocky alluvial fan. We were totally wiped at the end.

Pic of the step section:

Its one ride that I don't think I'll be repeating on my VStrom.
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