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so, where was i..?

oh yeah...

about 150km into a 300km 'shortcut'...

nothing for 300km except dirt/rocks/sand/dust... no cars, no towns...

me, stopped in the middle of the road checking if i've missed a turn, when i hear, somewhere behind me.. "geez, we'll probably scare the shit outta the poor bugga"..

i think to myself...huh? what the ...?

i turn around and see 3 blokes stumble out of the scrub...

"you lost mate?" one of them says as they walk towards me...
(i think to myself, no, but it seems like you blokes might be..)

"nah mate", i reply "just checking where i am, you blokes just out for a sunday stroll??"...

anyway, it seems they are doin some work on an abandoned homestead in the scrub, and had just gone for a walk to see if a shed they built 20 odd year ago in the scrub to keep their bikes in was still there....

so after a bit of banter, one of them says "your front tyres lookin a bit flat.."

i have a bit of a look and yep, front tyre is dead flat... that would explain why she's been floating arount so much i think to myself..

so the lads say 'bring her into the homestead, we've got some tools and stuff, give ya a hand..."

"ok, where is it?"

"see thet little clearing about 50 metres up on the right...turn in there, and go about 200 metres..cant miss it..."

so off i go, and within minutes i'm parked out the back of an abandoned homestead along side a couple of utes full of tools, and the billy is on for a cuppa...

up on the centre stand, a bit of weight on the back, some timber under the bashplate and the front wheel is off..

first time ive pulled the front wheel easy..

first time i've popped the bead/tyre off the front of this bike...piece of cake..2 minutes tops

so the rim has 2 flatspots and a nice dent.....

(i had one of the lads point at it just in case you couldnt see where it was... )

a bit of bashing with a mallet and some timber made it "better"... not purfect, but "better"..

the tube wasnt so good, it has 3 cuts about 2cm long each... decided to put in my spare rather than patching them up... i'd patch em later if i needed to...

so in 'not much time', the wheel was back on, the renovations were inspected, some tea drunk and the 'guest book' signed... and,

wait for it...




after a while, the road beacame a bit more civilised

but still, i was pretty happy when i finally got to the end of the dirt..

i rolled into Condingup, and fuelled up... and since i was only about 20km from what was to be camp for the next few nights, including New Years Eve, i figured some beer might be needed too..

then it was off south... kinda happy to be almost at my 'destination'.. it had been a long hot two and a half days...

i came over a rise, and there i was..Duke of Orleans Bay...

checked the time... yep, beer o'clock..


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