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Some Day

Originally Posted by cybbe
keep me updated mike, so i know what progress is made and what timeframes we are talking about


It will be some time until I get some time to even think about looking at the bike. Right now I am busy with new stands for a couple of other models. I think it will slow down in a little while and at that time I will see if someone in the Rookies can let me use there bike for a week or two. I think it will take that long for me to figure it out.

I would guess that a weld on type stand would be the fastest way to get this done. The mounting brackets could be easily welded on and then the rest is easy. A bracket similar to the 2009 TE610 would fit easily underneath and between the rear skid plate mounts on the frame.

I will let you know when I get around to looking at the bike.

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