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Originally Posted by whitham_wannabe
No no no! You're supposed to be talking me out of it!!! Tell me about how they never run, the wheels are made of cheese, how it'll drink my beer and shag my girlfriend when I'm not looking, something like that ....
I almost bought a 250 about 30 years ago, sorry I didn't. I would love a Frontera because of the lighting equipment. But I was young and stupid. I'd strip it, put Pursang bodywork on it and make a 2 stroke supermoto/flat tracker for the street with it. The Frontera porting should be mild enough to make it live fairly comfortably on the street. Bul parts have become more readily available because of the vintage racing and that they used a lot of numbered common seals and bearings in them. There are rod kits and pistons readily available too.

Here's a shot of my old Sherpa S from 1974:

Now how sweet would it be to have something like that on the street!

or even just the stock Frontera would be cool.
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