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Originally Posted by Grafspee
Keep the airhead you will be sorry later if you get rid of the R bike. I've had 6 airheads and I gotten rid of 4 of them over the years. Guess what, wish I had them all back right now!
Actually I think that is true of most of us and all the bikes in our collective past. I can think of at least 4 of my past rides that I wish I still had.

One of them was my '96 Harley Road King. Even tho I spent MORE in repairs that year than I did on payments! Does that make Harleys unreliable? Not at all. Just the one particular bike that I had.

Ive never owned a BMW but I sure would like to at some point. But I NEED a shop because I would like to do my own maintenance because I cant afford to pay the HUGE shop rates.
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