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Originally Posted by FlatBroke
Read this and thought I would try the bulbs first. This does not apply to HID lamps that are designed for HID. I just can't afford that type of lighting right now. This article is about the conversion kits.............

SNIP: Lots of technical data and very good reasons why HID conversion kits are bad....................

But,....... they're brighter.

Seriously though, I've had..... I mean, umm, a guy I know has had his HID
conversion kit for a year with no problems. They don't burn hotter than halogen, in fact I think they put out less heat and use 35 watts.

I can see, I mean my friend can see much better and not just directly in front of the bike as stated in the article.

Oncoming cars never flash at me. Him. My friend the outlaw HID haver.


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