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Originally Posted by DirtyDR650
There is an alternative in my sig. Quite a lot of new folks signing up lately and activity is rising nicely. Of course it's no threat to ADVrider whether this actually happens or not. But a lot of folks (including me) see the potential in the new site and like the idea of a DR650-only forum.
What's not to like? It's a free choice, and we're there for all DR650 riders who choose to be part of the new family.
I'm a member of that forum. I'm in no way proposing this idea as a threat to your site. I'm happy to hear your site is gaining in popularity. Someday, your bike-specific forum might be where folks go to find DR650 info. I think that would be OK.

BUT... right now, there's a heap of answers already there. It could be easier for people to access. If this index idea takes off, I'll put links to it on your site myself . And the wiki, too.

This idea isn't meant to diminish the DR650 Thread, either. I check that thread at least once a day. The DR subforum at TT, I might check once a week. There's kind of of a compelling fascination seeing our thread grow... and grow...

Originally Posted by Grubneets
I think if this is something we can do without involving the moderators it is a good idea...
The only thing I'd ask of the mods is to put the proposed DR650 index in this thread: with the other bike specific index threads.

Originally Posted by Tramontana
An indexed, and categorized DR650 specific thread would be AWESOME, however it would take a LOT of work to keep the needed material up at the top. Without MOD powers, wouldn't all of the editing need to be the OP's responsibility?

I do like that we have such a long-lived, and prolific thread, dedicated to DR chatter, parts, mods and all, and wouldn't want to detract from the ongoing weblog.

My $0.02 in a down economy...

The index would be in the Bike Specific Index thread that's stickied at the top of the Thumper page.

Once the existing posts have been indexed, keeping up with the subsequent posts and links would be a piece of cake, relatively speaking...
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