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Originally Posted by Krusty ...
I'm a member of that forum. I'm in no way proposing this idea as a threat to your site. I'm happy to hear your site is gaining in popularity. Someday, your bike-specific forum might be where folks go to find DR650 info. I think that would be OK.

BUT... right now, there's a heap of answers already there. It could be easier for people to access. If this index idea takes off, I'll put links to it on your site myself . And the wiki, too.

This idea isn't meant to diminish the DR650 Thread, either. I check that thread at least once a day. The DR subforum at TT, I might check once a week. There's kind of of a compelling fascination seeing our thread grow... and grow...
I think we're on the same page, Krusty. I, too, check in The DR650 Thread at least once a day. I've asked a lot of questions there, and gotten a lot of answers from some very helpful and knowledgable folks whose mechanical and fabrications skills, speaking as a wrencher and fabber myself, I have much respect for.

I have no desire to diminish that thread in any way, and I'll continue to visit and hopefully contribute there. It's networking amongst fellow DR650 lovers and I'm all for it. Which is also why I'm enthusiastic about The DR650 Forum in my sig... the more networking the better. One doesn't take away from the other or vice-versa, they are two completely different contextual forms that share much of the same information.

Though I honestly don't understand some of the comments that indexing that information could somehow put our network at risk, or the one comment there that it would threaten friendships... Huh? Someone else said that another forum is "out of the question". Really? Why?

So yeah by all means, I'm for anything that would make all the invaluable DR650 info more easily accessible, and that includes doing what you are asking here, and/or contributing to the forum linked below. Or both. I'm just glad that we have multiple choices. (edit: it's not really my forum, I'm just a mod there)

Btw, thanks for your contributions over there, and that goes for the rest of ya'll too.
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