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Originally Posted by mark883
A guzzi... fun!

Regarding Chicago. The traffic sucks. Particulary sucky is the Illinois Toll Road, I-80 west. This is a 'stop every 5-8 miles pay toll' type toll road, if you don't have an EZpass transponder. Yes, it can be ridden, and I've done it, but... it aint' fun.

**le snip**

is it gonna be worth buying a transponder thingie? I'll be in the US for a month and riding a fair amount of slab, espcially headed west but I won't be doubling back on myself. Am wondering if this is something I need to plan for.

good idea re: Guzzi group, already done :) I was a member there before here..wildguzzi ftw :p I have yet to earn my red suspenders though..maybe this trip will make me worthy
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